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Drivers Wanted

Dynamic Professional Drivers Wanted:

Chauffeurs, Bus Drivers, OTR, and Non-Emergency Medical

Job Summary:
The Limousine Driver will pick up clients at a designated location and drive them to and from events and destinations. 4 -8 week hiring process get started today


  • Professionalism, show up early, to be on time is to be late
  • Plans a route that will best serve the client’s needs and estimates the time the trip will require.
  •  Uses knowledge of local area, GPS, and/or mapping applications to avoid high traffic areas and
    to ensure the shortest and safest route to destination.
  • Ability to utilize technologically advanced proprietary apps and websites
  •  Arrives at the predetermined location on time to pick up the client.
  •  Drives clients to their destination or event and picks them up at the scheduled time.
  • Maintains records of travel time and expenses for each trip.
  •  Inspects the cleanliness of the limousine (inside and out (wiping dew the car off or scraping
    frost. Confirm it has the food or drinks requested by the client. May be require to wash vehicle
    on occasion or take to the car wash, the proper wipe down.
  • Ensures that the car/bus/limousine’s maintenance schedule is up-to-date; confirms that there
    are no mechanical issues.
  • Communicates timely and effectively with management regarding vehicle maintenance and all
    aspects of the business,
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  •  Pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing administered
    o According to the DOD and the DOT regulations it is forbidden for anyone operation a
    public vehicle to be use marijuana or any substance that prohibits them from operating
    a public vehicle safely. NO Medical card exemptions, NO Recreational use off duty
    PERIOD. We take the safety of our clients seriously.
  •  Non-smokers highly preferred
  • Ability to operate a limousine safely.
  •  Extensive knowledge of motor vehicle laws.
  •  Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • Ability to map appropriate routes and estimate travel times using GPS or standard maps.
  •  Extensive knowledge of vehicle maintenance and ability to diagnose mechanical problems.
  •  Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  •  Ability to present a neat and professional appearance.
  • Willingness to work off hours and shift work as the business requires

Education and Experience:

  •  Valid Chauffer’s License and Clean Driving Required
  •  CDL License where applicable for Charter Bus and mini Bus Drivers
  • High school diploma or equivalent required, college education preferred.
  •  Two years of related experience highly preferred, we’ll train the right dynamic person
  • Earn 260% – 300% “Net Income” more than rideshare; drive our vehicles contract or employee (available, but limited)
    • We will only consider top tier polished dynamic personable rideshare drivers bi-lingual or multi-lingual welcome, however, you must be able to communicate and comprehend in English affectively. We are colorblind, but we are not character blind. Our intention is to build a diversified work force, based on character, temperament, skill and professionalism.
  • Unicorn Drivers (Do you own a luxury vehicle and can commit to a consistent schedule of availability during high periods? We will consider exceptional people with newer luxury vehicles (some latitude with the age of the vehicle based on the vehicle, mileage and condition only based in strategic locations (such as Newport).Roll Royce and Bentley Convertibles wanted for weddings and special events.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY We’d rather hire clean cut polished dynamic good people and train you, then hire the
wrong person. Image is everything, we are hiring dynamic polished professionals only. Unemployed and under employed executives (network your next career move working for us, you’ll meet a lot of interesting people), retired military especially MPs, logistics, supply chain, hospitality minded experienced people wanted.

Physical Requirements:

  • Proper hygiene, bathe daily, no excessive perfume and if you are a smoker find a way to manage, so you smell clean and no transfer/contact smell. The Client should not be able to tell you are a smoker. (Number one complaint, driver or vehicle smelled Smokey)Dynamic Personality Kind, Friendly, Empathetic, Knowledgeable
  • Prolonged periods driving a vehicle, Not to Exceed 10 hours per day.
  • Must be able to lift 60-100 pounds to assist with luggage as required.
  • Be able and willing to assist elderly and disabled clients such as veterans for non-emergency medical transportation.

Actionable Items:

  • APPLY:
  • Send Video Introduction and Resume with images through website
  • Initial Phone Interview
  • Clean Driving Record Report: Obtain RI DMV Cranston 600 New London Avenue (must schedule an appointment online)
  • BCI Report: Obtain clean BCI report 4 Howard Ave, Cranston, RI (just down the street from DMV)
  • Public Utilities Commission and Division of Public Utilities and Carriers 89 Jefferson Blvd Warwick: Present Clean Driving Record & Clean BCI Report to obtain your “Blue Card”
  • Present Blue Card to DMV to obtain Chauffer’s Signification on License (eye examine required)
  • Pre-employment Drug Testing and sign-off for random drug testing including THC (Marijuana; It’s the law marijuana cannot be used at any time for any reason for any person operating a public vehicle; NO EXCEPTIONS, so please if you smoke or use cannabis do not apply we cannot and will not hire you.). We have an obligations to our clients and the public and we take this very seriously. The use of marijuana results in a DUI (under the influence drugs or alcohol is illegal to drive privately or publicly).
  • Face to Face Interviews
  • All New Hires are on a 30-90 day trial period, based on performance, reliability and availability.


Apply to be a Driver

Apply to be a Driver

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